Copper Fittings

Copper Fittings

Copper fittings manufacturer

Winland supplies wide range of copper fittings, which is designed to satisfy the special demands of customers all over the world. Our fittings are made from pure copper, and used in various industries, like plumbing, HVAC, solar and so on.

Copper fittings combine the advantages of metal fittings and non-metal fittings, and are unique in plumbing & HVAC systems. Winland Metal's fittings products are made of C12200 copper, which is safe and economic for copper pipe connection. 

Our fittings products include: Copper elbow (90deg, 45deg), copper tee (equal tee, reducing tee), copper P trap, copper coupling, copper reducer, copper adaptor, copper flange, copper U bend, copper cap, copper branch joint and so on.

Copper Coupling1/4" ~ 8 1/8"Copper Reducer

Large O.D. 1/4" ~ 1 5/8"

Small O.D. 1/8" ~ 5/8"

90 Degree Short Elbow1/4" ~ 8 1/8"90 Degree Long Elbow3/16" ~ 4 1/8"
45 Degree Elbow1/4" ~ 6 1/8"Copper P Trap5/8" ~ 2 1/8"
Copper U Bend3/8" ~ 2 1/8"Copper Equal Tee3/16" ~ 6 1/8"

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