Copper Equal Tee

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Copper Equal Tee

Winland supply copper equal tees made of C12200 material, the products are used for connecting copper pipes.

Application: Air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, heating & water supply, and so on.

Copper Equal tees in carton box
Copper Equal tees in carton box


Copper Equal Tees supply in pile
Winland Copper Tees


How to order copper tee?

Winland has copper tees in imperial or metric dimensions. You are welcome to contact us to get the prices of copper tees for your projects.

Please specify the sizes, quantity, applications of copper tees before ordering, you could reach us by

Order process:

  1. Inquiry
  2. Fix the prices and product specifications & quantity
  3. Winland issue PI, client issue official order
  4. Prepayment
  5. Producing
  6. Balance payment
  7. Shipping

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