Gree VRF Copper Branch Joint Manifold Kit

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Gree VRF Copper Branch Joint Manifold Kit

Winland's branch joints are made of pure copper and designed base on the technical dimensions of original drawing and try to enhance the cost performance. Download Branch Joint Catalog

Base on the types of cooling medium, Gree branch joints models could be classified into two types:

  1. R22 Refrigerant: FQ01,FQ02,FQ03,FQ04
  2. R410 refrigerant: FQ01A,FQ01B,FQ02,FQ03,FQ04


Gree Branch Joint Size

The datas in size chart are described in below image (similar to Daikin branch joint).

For special dimensions, we offer customzation service.

Gree Manifolds Pipe Size Instructions

Winland Size Chart of Gree Branch Joint
ModelPipeA SizeB SizeC Size
FQ01-AGas Pipe12.7/15.9/19.1mm9.6/12.7/15.9mm12.7/15.9mm
FQ01-ALiquid Pipe9.6mm6.35/9.6mm6.35/9.6mm
FQ01-BGas Pipe19.1/22.3mm15.9/19.1mm12.7/15.9/19.1mm
FQ01-BLiquid Pipe9.6/12.7mm9.6/12.7mm6.35/9.6/12.7mm
FQ02Gas Pipe22.3/25.4/28.6mm19.1/22.3/25.4/28.6mm9.6/12.7/15.9/19.1mm
FQ02Liquid Pipe9.6/12.7/15.9mm9.6/12.7/15.9mm6.35/9.6/12.7mm
FQ03Gas Pipe35/38.1/41.2mm28.6/35/41.2mm19.1/22.3/25.4/28.6mm
FQ03Liquid Pipe15.9/19.1mm12.7/15.9/19.1mm9.6/12.7/15.9mm
FQ04Gas Pipe41.2/44.5/54mm35/41.2/54mm25.4/28.6/35mm
FQ04Liquid Pipe19.1/22.3mm15.9/19.1/22.3mm12.7/15.9/19.1mm


(outdoor unit)

 Gas Pipe35/41.3/54mm25.4/28.7/35/41.3mm25.4/28.7mm


(outdoor unit)

Liquid Pipe15.9/19.1/22.3mm12.7/15.9/19.1/22.3mm12.7mm

Gas/Liquid Pipe of Branch Joint

Branch joint use for VRV/VRF air conditioning systems, it also called dispenser pipes. The branch joint is combined with gas pipe and liquid pipe.

We could tell the gas/liquid pipes easily by appearance: pipe of bigger size is gas pipe, and smaller size is liquid pipe.

Gree Branch Joint Installation

Gree Manifold Pipe Installation Instructions

Install the refrigerant branch kit while observing the following condition and referring to the installation instruction above.

  1. Ensure the manifold is colose to the IDU to reduce impact on refrigerant assignmenet by IDU branches
  2. The manifold match with the devices
  3. Ensure the manifold medel is correct

Manifolds can be laid in the following ways.

  1.  Horizontal installation: The three ports must be on the same level. The shaping size and assembly angle cannot be changed
  2.  Vertical installation: The direction can be upwards or downwards. Three ports must be on the same elevation without inclination
  3.   The length of a straight pipe between two manifolds cannot be less than 500mm
  4. The length of a straight pipe before the main pipe port of the manifold cannot be less than 500mm
  5. The length of a straight pipe between the branch of the manifold and the IDU cannot be less than 500mm

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