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Copper Air Conditioning Silencer of different sizes and types

Copper Spare Parts for HVAC & Refrigeration System

Winland supplies and customized copper ACR silencer for clients, this product is tube shape device to reduce aerodynamic noise by sound absorption, reflection and interference.

Copper ACR silencer is processed with copper tube, suitable for small air passage. It normally be installled at gas exhaust piping of compressor & evaporator. The silencer aims to solve abnormal noise caused by unstable cooling medium flow or system pipeline.

Winland's ACR silencer made from copper, which provide advantages like:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • High work pressure, not easy to burst
  • Shiny appearance, precise connection
  • Excellent thermal performance,high heat transfer efficiency
  • Easy soldering & installation


Air conditioner, refrigerator, fridge, and other HVAC & refrigeration equipments.

Appearance of Copper ACR Silencer
Appearance of Copper ACR Silencer

Order & Customization

Please see the regular size chart of this product, for customization please feel free to send us an email.


Winland packs copper air conditioner silencer with plastic bag and carton box.

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