Capillary Copper Tube

Copper Capillary Tube

Copper capillary tubes in striaght form, UNS C1020

Capillary Copper Tube stands for copper tubes have a very small diameter. Visually the tubes could be either straight or coil form, because tube's temper condition is available for hard. annealed or even half hard. Winland Metal offers capillary copper tubes with O.D. ranging from 1.83mm~3.81mm to our customers. The pipe's diemnsions are customized as per client's demand.

High-quality capillary copper tubes are suitable for industrial sectors such as refrigerators, high-precision instruments and electronics.

Our standard packing for capillary copper tube is wooden case.

Size Introduction of Copper Capillary Tube
Winland Metal supplies capillary copper tube with O.D. ranging from 1.83-6.10mm

Size Range

Inside diameter (I.D.) ranging from 0.020~0.175 inches (0.50~4.45mm)

Outside diameter (O.D.) ranging from 0.072~0.24 inches (1.83~6.10mm). Please refer to the image on the right.

Why Use Capillary Tube?

Take HVAC field for example, small air-conditioning heat pump units and refrigerator refrigeration systems composed of fully enclosed compressors, such as window air conditioners and cabinet air conditioners. These products widely use copper capillary tubes to replace thermal expansion valves as refrigerant flow control components.

Advantages of Capillary Copper Tube

  • Made of pure copper, structure is simple, convenient to handle, price effective
  • Copper capillary tube has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance performance
  • Copper capillary tube is easy to solder, and suitable for cold and hot processing
  • Precise dimensions, lightweight
  • No moving parts, not prone to failure and leakage
  • Under a certain pressure difference, the flow through the capillary is stable

The simplest in design, lowest in cost type expansion devices of cooling and air conditioning in refrigeration systems is the capillary tube. A capillary tube reduces refrigerant pressure using friction and the acceleration of the refrigerant in the tube.

Capillary Copper Tube Material

To meet various applications of capillary copper tubes, Winland Metal offers capillary copper tubes made of phosphorus deoxidized copper and oxygen free copper.

Oxygen Free Copper Tube

Oxygen-free copper (OFC) indicates pure copper does not contain oxygen or any deoxidizer residues. However, OFC still contains a very small amount of oxygen and other impurities.

According to standards in different countries, the oxygen content in OFC shall less than 0.003%, and the total impurity content in OFC shall less than 0.05%, and the copper purity is more than 99.95%.

Winland's OFC capillary copper tubes are mainly used in electronics industry, because the tubes has no hydrogen embrittlement, high conductivity, good processing & welding performance, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance performance.

Electrical and electronic applications such as audio equipment, vacuum electronic devices and other electronic industries may use OFC capillary copper tubs.

Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper Tube

Copper grades of phosphorus deoxidized coppper are normally recoginzed as C12200, Cu-DHP, which Cu+Ag content is more than 99.9%.

Capillary copper tube fabricated with phosphorus dexidized copper are mainly used for condenser , evaporator, heat exchangers, refrigeration industries.

Capillary Copper Tube in straight length

Straight Capillary Copper Tube

For copper capillary tube of hard and half hard temper, Winland Metal supplies the tubes in straight length. Normally it will take 10-15 days for production.

As per the end user's demand, straight capillary copper tube may need to cut into particular length, we could offer be spoken cutting service.

Capillary Copper Tube in Coil Form

Capillary Copper Coil Tube

In a refrigeration device, the long and thin capillary is generally coiled into a spiral shape, and the diameter of the coil should be uniform to prevent breakage.

In order to avoid capillary jet flow noise, the outside of the capillary can be wrapped with isobutyl rubber to play the role of sound insulation and shock absorption.

Tolerances of Capillary Copper Tube

Winland Metal supplies capillary copper tube with wall thickness tolerance at +/-0.02mm, and outside diameter tolerance at +/-0.03mm.

Winland Metal Inspection of Capillary Copper Tube Dimensions

Regulary Sizes

Belowing are the normal sizes of copper capillary tubes, we support customization of tube dimensions and copper alloy. Please contact our sales for quotation.

ProductCopper AlloyFormO.D. (inches)O.D. (mm)I.D. (inches)I.D. (mm)Cross Sectional Area of tube BoreCross Sectional Area of tube Bore
Capillary TubeC12200/C10200/C10100straight/coil0.072"1.830.028"0.7110.000616 inch²0.397mm²
Capillary TubeC12200/C10200/C10100straight/coil0.081"2.060.031"0.7870.000758 inch²0.487mm²
Capillary TubeC12200/C10200/C10100straight/coil0.087"2.210.036"0.9140.001018 inch²0.657mm²
Capillary TubeC12200/C10200/C10100straight/coil0.093"2.360.042"1.0670.001315 inch²0.893mm²
Capillary TubeC12200/C10200/C10100straight/coil0.097"2.460.046"1.1680.001662 inch²1.07mm²
Capillary TubeC12200/C10200/C10100straight/coil0.106"2.690.054"1.3720.00229 inch²1.48mm²
Capillary TubeC12200/C10200/C10100straight/coil0.112"2.840.059"1.4990.002734 inch²1.76mm²
Capillary TubeC12200/C10200/C10100straight/coil0.125"3.180.07"1.7780.00848 inch²2.48mm²


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