Anti-interference Self-adhesive Single/Dual Conductive Copper Foil Tape

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Copper foil tape is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding, electrical signal shielding and magnetic signal shielding. Electrical signal shielding relies on the excellent electrical conductivity of copper itself, while magnetic shielding requires the adhesive of copper foil tape. The product is widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers and other digital industries.


Copper Foil Tape supplier


Winland offer single and dual conductive copper foil tape, the copper foil is made of highly pure copper:

  • Single conductive: The copper foil surface is conductive, while the glue is not conductive
  • Dule conductive: The copper foil surface is conductive, and glue is conductive too
  • Working temperature: -10℃ ~ 120℃


The width could be customized (3mm~600mm), and the length could be 4m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m, 50m, and 100m. Below image indicates the various widths of regualr copper foil tape.

Dimensions of copper foil tape



Regular Sizes Of Copper Foil Tape (Conductive)
ConductiveFoil Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)
Single Conductive0.051030
Single Conductive0.051530
Single Conductive0.052030
Single Conductive0.052530
Single Conductive0.053030
Single Conductive0.055030
Single Conductive0.051050
Single Conductive0.051550
Single Conductive0.052050
Single Conductive0.052550
Single Conductive0.053050
Single Conductive0.055050
Dual Conductive0.051030
Dual Conductive0.051530
Dual Conductive0.052030
Dual Conductive0.052530
Dual Conductive0.053030
Dual Conductive0.055030
Dual Conductive0.051050
Dual Conductive0.051550
Dual Conductive0.052050
Dual Conductive0.052550
Dual Conductive0.053050
Dual Conductive0.055050
Dual Conductive0.12050

Packing & Applications

As agreed packing method. The products are commonly used in Transformers, Cell Phones, Computers, Copiers, LED Displays, Decorations, Musical Instruments and other industries.



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