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Winland Copper U Bend

Copper U Bend

U bends are fittings has a "U" shape, they are female socket connect tube. Winland supplies high quality copper U bends, which is copper pipe be bent with angle of 180° at the middle and well known as 180° copper bend connectors or 180° copper return. 

Copper 180° U Return, Copper U bend
Copper U Bends

Winland's U bends are corrosion resistance and made from pure copper with designation of C12200. The U Bends are applied in different industries as connection part of pipeline.

Order & Customization

Copper Pipes could be bent into various shapes as fittings, such as copper S bend, copper Y bend. Winland customized different copper bends as per client's drawing.

For regular sizes, they are ready stock, we will start a individually clean process to ensure the best condition before shipping.

For customized specifications of copper U bends, please feel free to send us an email.

Copper U Bend also known as Copper 18o℃ return

Packing of Copper U Bend

Winland packs the U bends with plastic bags, to keep products cleanliness and prevent contamination from air or moisture. 

Copper Fittings Regular Packing Method - Winland Metallurgy

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